Malang Travelista, a tour operator based in Malang City, the second largest city in East Java. We were formed in 2011 and we are still continuing to develop nature-based tourism products and community involvement without having to reduce the entertainment side, sharing the experience and the service itself until today.

We realize that Indonesia is a country that has a very extraordinary tourism potential. Most of the tourism potential is nature-based, so if we were not wise in utilizing it, it will have a negative impact on nature itself and it will threaten tourism that becomes our main business.

Therefore, the involvement of local people who live side by side with nature / tourist destinations where we work is also our concern. Their existence is a contributing factor in the conservation of nature and the environment in which we work.

In addition to the tour packages that we offer, you as a tourist can also make your own choices. Tailored with time, holiday style as well as fun on certain issues (eg, culture, heritage, or adventure). We are also supported by a convenient transport unit and experienced crew as well as tourism network from Central Java, Yogyakarta, to East Java.

Whoever you are, solo traveler, couple, family or small group, enjoy the thrill of a memorable vacation with us. Because with Malang Travelista, vacation is more than just a simple holiday.